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Who We Are

At Star Agriseeds, we're dedicated to providing gardeners of all levels with the highest quality seeds and expert guidance to nurture thriving gardens.

Breeding Excellence

Excelling in breeding to cultivate superior seeds.

The Right Quality

Our advanced processing facility ensures top-quality seeds for every farmer.

Delivering to Every Corner

Our extensive network delivers quality seeds to every farmer.
From the Desk of the Director

Director’s Message

The agriculture sector at a national and global level is witnessing rapid changes besides facing major challenges. The rising demand for agricultural products reflects shifting consumer eating habits, while fertile land faces stagnation amid shifting climate conditions.

Core Values

“Rooted in Integrity, Blooming with Innovation”

Empowering Farmers

Empowering farmers with sustainable crop protection from seed to harvest.

Sustainable Farming

Champions of eco-friendly, biodiverse, and sustainable farming.

Farming Fostering

We operate transparently, fostering trust and collaboration with all stakeholders

Innovative Farmer

Partner with farmers and researchers to innovate for sustainable agriculture.

Our Vision & Mision

Growing a Greener Future

Our Vision

We envision a future where fields are lush with vibrant crops, where gardens burst with color and life, and where ecosystems are in balance.

  • Promoting sustainable agriculture practices and biodiversity conservation.
  • Ensuring food security and resilient ecosystems.
  • Working towards a healthy earth for future generations.

Our Mision

At Star Agriseeds, our mission is to empower farmers and communities with the tools and knowledge for sustainable success.

  • To lead the industry as the largest, most technologically advanced seed corporation with a global presence.
  • To be the world's leading supplier of seeds.
  • Committed to premium seeds, tech, and advice for healthier, sustainable crops.
  • Supplying comprehensive and inventive solutions to meet growers' needs.

Know Your Seeds Today

Ready to start your farming or gardening journey? Browse our online seed catalog, place your order, and let Star Agriseeds help you grow with confidence. Join us in sowing the seeds of a brighter, greener future.

Our Journey

At Star Agriseeds Pvt Ltd, we are dedicated to fueling agricultural progress through the provision of top-tier quality seeds. Founded in 2017, our mission is to provide high-quality, genetically superior seeds to farmers and gardeners worldwide.

Foundation Year

Established a robust Research & Development department, marking the beginning of our journey to excellence. Collaborated with esteemed institutions such as BISA, CIMMYT, PAU, and ICAR.

Technological Integration

We revolutionized our operations, achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency, precision, and sustainability.

R&D Expedition

Early achiever of the DSIR certification, highlighting excellence in research and development (R&D).

Expansion into New Regions

Opportunity to extend distributor network and gain traction in emerging markets.

Turning Point

Welcomed our first distributor, setting the stage for our extensive distribution network. Launched products: Star 228, Star 325.

Product Launches

New products introduced: Star 444, Star 610, Star 114, Star 650 Til, Poshak 44, Nutri 64, and Mithas 42. During Kharif: Launched Basmati Paddy and Udan.

Digital Adoption & Farmer Education

Revolutionizing farming with digital technologies and empowering farmers through education.

Quality Assurace & Seasonal Releases

Journey prioritizes Standards adherence and Introduced Moong Star 448 and Star 452. During Kharif: Launched Star 33 Maize. During Rabi: Released Wheat 333, Star 350, and Star Hybrid 10-15.

Robust Solid Foundation

Journey embraces industry growth through extended reach, connecting with farmers far and wide to sow the seeds of progress.

Milestone Year

Proud relationship with 450 distributors and a remarkable ₹75 crores in revenue, demonstrating our dedication to R&D and quality. The Diamond product launched in the summer.

NABL Certification
Star Agriseeds has achieved NABL certification, thanks to your vital contributions—let’s continue striving for excellence together!