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How We Do

At Star Agriseeds, we take pride in our seed cultivation process, ensuring that every seed meets the highest standards of quality and purity.

Know How We Do

Collaborating with Farmers For Sustainable Agriculture

Our Network is growing at a rapid pace. We made a humble start from Rajasthan and today we are present in 7 States and 2 Union Territories.

The Secrets of Our Success

“Our success is rooted in innovation, integrity, and dedication”

Welcome to Star Agriseeds, where we are passionate about seeds and committed to providing you with the finest quality products.

Research and Development

Research & Development is recognized by DSIR, Govt.of.India.

  • R&D specializes in elite germplasm research and hybrid seed development with biotech-lab support.
  • Company specializes in customized products for farming needs, guided by seasoned scientists.
  • Scientists specialize in crops, allocated to diverse breeding projects.
  • Multi-location trial centers assess product adaptability in diverse agro-climatic zones.

Seeed Selection and Breeding

Our journey begins with the careful selection and breeding of seeds.

  • Collaborate with botanists and breeders to identify and develop superior seed varieties.
  • Focus on traits like disease resistance, high yields, and exceptional flavor.
  • Provide seeds tailored to diverse growing conditions.
  • Dedicated to offering high-quality seeds suited for optimal growth.

Quality Assurance

Star Agriseeds assists farmers in planting premium seeds for abundant harvests.

  • Focus on delivering quantity with top-quality service for enduring customer relationships.
  • Implement a regimented result-oriented quality control system at all stages.
  • Special quality control includes tests for germinability, genetic purity, and additional parameters.
  • Employ a dedicated team for continuous monitoring of seed quality.

Production and Packaging

The company directly supervises over 5000 seed-growing farmers.

  • State-of-the-art processing machinery ensures seed quality.State-of-the-art processing machinery ensures seed quality.
  • Treatment and processing plant was installed in Sangaria with a capacity of 20mt/hour.
  • Strong seed production team conducts periodic field inspections.
  • Ensures seed purity and quality according to ISTA recommendations.

Online Store

Visit our online store to explore our seed collection.

  • Conveniently browse, select, and order seeds.
  • Choose seeds tailored to your gardening or farming needs.
  • Streamlined process for selecting and purchasing seeds.
  • Easily find seeds that match your requirements.

Shipping and Delivery

To reach clients worldwide we provide both local and international shipping.

  • Choose the preferred shipping option.
  • Ensure safe and prompt delivery to your doorstep.
  • Select from various shipping choices.
  • Convenient shipping options tailored to your needs.

Customer Support

Our Customer support is available for assistance during purchase.

  • Dedicated customer support team is available for 24*7.
  • Assistance was provided throughout the purchasing process.
  • Help is available for any inquiries or concerns.
  • Support team ensures a smooth customer experience.

Growing Success

When you get your seeds, it's time to begin your growing journey.

  • Resources and expert advice are provided for plant nurturing.
  • Assistance is available to achieve a bountiful harvest or vibrant garden.
  • Access to helpful resources and guidance.
  • Support for successful plant care and gardening endeavors.